Créateur Sophistiqué / Réalisateur de DISORDER

The Valentine's Day Issue.
Cover Boy : Vincent

2sd ISSUE. Mister POP's world.
Cover Boy : Anthony

Cover Girl : Katarina

3rd ISSUE. The Movie Issue.
Cover boy : Vincent

Hors Série Avril

4th Issue. The Killing Marshals 
Cover boy : Yan Moussu

Hors Série. Brodway Special.
Cover : Stéphane

Hors Série. Festival de Cannes.
Cover girl : Julie Teuf

5th Issue. Beautiful as Andria
Cover boy : Zac Andria

Hors Série. The Next Male.
Cover boy : Charles

6th Issue. Handcraft & Poetry
Stylist : Anasya Noaille

Hors série. Lady Carrere
Cover girl : Chantal

Hors Série. Interview with Dumeau
Cover girl : Clarence Dumeau

7th Issue. HEAT
Cover boy : Gab Turner 

Hors Série. August in RIO 2016
Cover boy : Stéphane Debaere

Hors Série. Women's issue
Cover girl : Severine

8th Issue. Presidential Election 2016
Cover : Norbert Chadourne

Hors Série. The Wedding Issue
Cover : Adrien & Nina 

Hors Série. Here i feel Somebody !
Cover boy : Marco Zanolli 

Cover boy : Quentin Bruno

Hors Série. 2 Covers
Cover boy : Alexandre Mary

Hors Série. 2 Covers
Cover boy : Alexandre Mary

10th Issue. JAMES BOND
Cover boy : Cedric Omont

10th Issue. JAMES BOND
Cover boy : Marc Moussu

10th Issue. JAMES BOND
Cover girl  : Anasya Noaille

Hors Série. Falling Angel
Cover boy : Benjamin Le Duff

Cover girl : Katarina 

Hors Série. Jean Michel Basquiat's imaginary life 
Cover boy : Malcolm

Hors Série. For Love
Cover boy : Stephane Debaere
Cover girl : Maud Andrieux

12th Issue. Morgan Ekson

Hors Série. Isaac Martin
Cover boy : Cyril


Hors Série. The [too much] porn issue

14th Issue. What are you lookin' at ? 
Cover girl : Sandrine 

Hors Série. Madonna's new french dancer
Cover boy : Arnaud Mahouy

15th Issue. Barbara Jones
Cover girl : Clémence Coiffe

Hors Série. Nudity Kills
Cover boy : Benjamin Le Duff

16th Issue. Naomi Dionys
Drawn by Antoine Stevens

Hors Série. On The Roof
Cover : Alexandre Wetter & Zac Andria

17th Issue. Lea Gintowt
Cover : Lea Gintowt

Hors Série. Cannes 2017
Cover boy : Mathieu Renard 

18th Issue. David Constantyne
Cover boy : Constant Formé Becherat

Hors Série. When Body comes before brain
Cover boy : Who know ? 

19th Issue. Liz Vinsant
Cover girl : Nathalie 

20th Issue. Game Of Thrones 
Cover boy : Anthony 

Hors Série. Meet Harvey Jay Lorent
Cover boy : Florent Arnoult

21sd Issue. ABBA is back
designed by : Lucas Gourdon

Hors Série. US Special

22th Issue. Kate & Tomas
Cover : Katarina & Sylvain Norget

Hors Série. LETHAL
Cover : Théo Joie

Hors Série. LETHAL
Cover : Théo Joie

Hors Série. LETHAL
Cover : Théo Joie

Hors Série. EROTICA
Cover : Sylvain Norget

23rd Issue. SI BELLE CAMILLE !
cover girl : Camille Coudry 

Hors Série. LA CARNE
Cover girl : Jenny

24th Issue. ANNA GY
Cover girl : Annabelle 

25th Issue. 2018
Cover boy : Charles

26th Issue. JASON LEO
Cover boy : Leo

27th Issue. BELLA HARRY
Cover girl : Mathilde